Testimonials and client reviews for Margaret Allison Thompson as estate planning and probate attorney in Nashville, Tennessee.

Thank you and your assistant, Lane White, for your excellent professional care provided to me  and my siblings in helping to resolve [family member’s] estate.  During our first meeting my sister and I found you to be very understanding of the difficulties and complicated matters that we faced during a stressful time. My sister and I are blessed that we had you both helping us. Just as my friend offered your name to me, I likewise will not hesitate to tell anyone how wonderful you are if they should need legal assistance. 


Thank you for all your help over the last many months.  You’ve made an emotionally difficult journey as easy as possible on the legal front.


Thank you for understanding the task, for the task well done, and done quickly.


Thank you for all your help and understanding, we really appreciate the much needed assistance!


Thank you for all of your help and holding my hand through this whole process.  It has actually been a fairly pleasant experience, and I attribute that to working with you.


Thank you so much for bringing me and the estate to closure.  It was a great comfort for me to be able to rely on your good judgment and legal expertise to accomplish this.  All my good wishes to you.


Thank you so much for all your work and support in settling my mother’s estate.  My husband and I will come to you in the future to talk about our wills.


Today is the one year anniversary of my mother’s death.  You helped us so much over this past year and I appreciate all your calm advice.  I will be calling you soon to set up an appointment for wills for my husband and myself.


Thank you so much for all your help while Dad was alive with his will preparation and after his death with his estate closing.  You made a difficult time a little easier.


We have been working with Allison for many years. She is very thorough. She brings excellent wisdom and trust to the table.


Very professional and efficient. Listened well and carefully addressed all of our needs. I had a very productive and successful meeting with Allison and updated several documents. Mrs. Thompson was very helpful and thorough and I felt comfortable that all of my needs were addressed and taken care of. Allison is a real pleasure to work with and I am grateful that she is my attorney.


Allison was very professional and helpful during our entire estate planning process. She answered all of our questions and worked with us to get everything done in a timely manner.


Allison was excellent in every way. She is one of the best attorneys we have very used.


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We contacted Alison Thompson regarding our property wills and our living wills. She is very professional and friendly. She clearly explained our options aand what we needed to do. 

Alison sent us drafts of our documents, extremely well prepared. There was no issue making some changes. Then it was a simple process to sign and execute them on our second visit to her office. Also, her fees for what we needed were very reasonable and very competitive with what we had been quoted elsewhere. We were very satisfied with Alison’s service overall. There is nothing additional she could have done to meet our needs. 

We would highly recommend Allison Thompson’s legal service To anyone looking to have their wills etc. drawn up and executed!

– Doug


We met with Attorney Thompson for a consultation to update our trust and wills. We found her to be very customer driven and honest in suggesting the most logical and cost conscience manner to proceed with. We decided to hire her to perform the work and she delivered it on time and in a very professional manner, answered all of our questions thoroughly and was a delight to work with. We would hire her again in a heart beat and trust her with our matters. She is everything you want in an attorney!

– Don and Susan


Allison met with us and helped us with updates and changes to our wills, our health care directives, and our estate plans. She was very helpful and we were both comfortable and confident with her directives and advice. She is a very sharp thinker and great with details. I was very satisfied with our visit.

– Martha


I suddenly and unexpectedly found myself facing a series of complex legal issues. Allison spent considerable time with me, in person, and explained them clearly. She then provided a helpful description, in writing, of how we would address these issues. She accompanied me when necessary on visits to various courts and legal offices. She always responded quickly and helpfully to questions that I submitted to her by email. In short, with her assistance, I feel that all the legal issues I faced were dealt with efficiently and effectively.

– Jim


Allison creates wills and Powers of Attorney for me and my new wife. We were pleased with her knowledgeable advise and professionalism.



Ms. Thompson prepared my living will. She carefully explained the process and requirements for the decisions I needed to make. She was very patient in helping me focus on all the details needed for an effective, legal document. I am very pleased with the final result and feel assured that these issues are now taken care of.

– Maryl


Ms. Thompson, and her office, have been valuable to me during the probate of my mother’s estate. The estate is quite involved, with real estate located in two states and seven counties. Allison was able to correctly open ancillary probate in the non-residential state, saving weeks if not months of time; this also allowed for a more exacting and accurate inventory to be filed in the respective jurisdictions. 
Allison was also able to locate unknown assets, which was both a surprise and good news. I had been POA prior to my mother’s passing and had spent quite a bit of time trying to track everything down, but Allison did me one better. 

Allison and her office staff have been nothing but prompt and very cordial through this process. I live 1,200 miles from her office and, with little advance word, found time to meet me in person during a trip to Nashville last Spring. Having this chance to meet in person was very much appreciated since most of our contact has been paper and e-correspondence. 

Her advice on how a certain property partially, but separately, held with my father should be best handled was extremely appreciated and avoided any family head aches / squabbles.

 In all, though this has been ‘just’ a probate case I feel that Allison’s help and services have been of very good value – in many ways her assistance has paid for itself for both myself as executor and for my family.

I highly recommend her services to any and all.

– Keith


I went to Allison Thompson for help in planning my estate. She explains confusing terminology so well, and was so patient with me. I feel confident that I now have a good plan for the future. She also has re-written the will of my elderly parents and was wonderful in dealing with them and a complex estate. I would not hesitate to hire her again.

– Donna


We used Ms. Thompson to handle the estate of my father and later my mother when they passed. She was knowledgeable, helpful, and kind. All necessary filings were handled in a timely fashion, and all went smoothly and according to schedule. In the end, her charges were very fair and reasonable.

– Ron