Planning for Your Special Needs Child’s Future: What you don’t know can hurt them.

Anyone caring for a special needs child knows how valuable it can be to have access to government benefits. As you plan for the long term needs of your child, preserving their eligibility for these services is essential to continuity of care. Just like your special needs child has an Individualized Education Plan for their schooling, they also need an individualized financial plan for their care after your death. So, what can you do? [Read more…]

What is the “Fiscal Cliff” and how does it Affect you?

The “fiscal cliff” that you keep hearing about refers to the tax increases and automatic spending cuts scheduled to go into effect in January 2013. If Congress does nothing to keep these spending cuts and tax increases from going into effect, economists predict serious damage to our economy – hence the going-over-a-cliff metaphor. The scheduled changes include the end of the Bush era tax cuts, automatic spending cuts resulting from Congressional failure to reach agreement on cuts, and new taxes that help to pay for the Affordable Care Act.  [Read more…]

Estate Planning is an on-going process

Recent events have reminded me that we all need to review an existing Will or trust every few years as life changes around us. The friend you appointed as Executor may prove to be less trustworthy than you thought, or your grown child may seem to be developing a drinking problem, or your adored daughter-in-law has filed for divorce from your son. People grow and change, and we sometimes find that our assumptions or predictions about the future are no longer valid.  [Read more…]