Estate Planning for All Stages of Life

Family in the ParkAn Estate Planning and Estate Administration Lawyer represents clients in all stages and all walks of life:

  • Traditional families need Wills and Trusts to appoint Guardians and provide protection for children if both parents die while children are minors;
  • Single parents need planning to protect the children who depend on them;
  • Unmarried couples can avoid family conflict through proper estate planning;
  • Baby Boomers and seniors wishing to protect their life’s savings from taxes, to provide for retirement, and to benefit children and grandchildren;
  • Blended families can have unique needs for a fair disposition of assets and a smooth estate administration to preserve family relationships;
  • Anyone planning for future or impending disability of themselves or a loved one;
  • Family members coping with loss of a loved one and confronting a myriad of estate administration details that require attention; and
  • Trustees and trust beneficiaries seeking to resolve or prevent conflicts arising out of an estate plan

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